Ellice is a patio cover with an extremely modern look. The aluminum louvered roof is fitted to a slender supporting structure and can be either freestanding or attached to the facade. The rotatable louvers of this flat roof patio cover are double walled for extra sturdiness and have a flush appearance on the inside with a minimum gap between the louvers. The integrated brushes mean that the louvers close extremely softly, with the added advantage that they cannot freeze. The rotatable louvers also protect you from the sun and at the same time allow a cool breeze to enter. When it starts to rain, close your roof fully and the water will be discharged in a controlled manner. So, this flat roof patio cover is a real all-rounder. Brighten up the aluminum louvered roof with a Lineo LED strip to let in extra light even when the roof is closed. If you want to sit cozily on your patio and be sheltered from the wind, you can close the sides with integrated Fixscreen solar shading. You can select your patio cover in 20 modern colors so that it blends in perfectly with your facade and garden design.