Window ventilation: the guarantee for a healthy indoor climate

With window ventilation, you bring fresh air into your home or building in a natural way via the dry zones such as the living room and bedroom. This advantage alone makes the investment worthwhile. Simply because using this method – in combination with a solid system for discharging polluted indoor air – you are guaranteed to benefit from healthy indoor air at all times. In addition, these ventilation grilles are installed so that they do not visually interfere with the overall appearance of your facade but do offer acoustic damping and help to avoid cross ventilation (or bilateral ventilation).

Fresh air at all times

The supply of fresh air – certainly in the new generation of window ventilation – is not random but rather very controlled. For example, the Renson's Invisivent Air and Comfort window ventilators (part of the C+ ventilation system) constantly make sure the right amount of fresh air is supplied in the home toegether with the smart Healthbox 3.0 discharge unit (the controller).  Moreover, they are equipped with an acoustic damping material and a self-regulating check valve, so that you can enjoy greater thermal comfort and energy-efficient ventilation.

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Airtight and discreetly located

The Renson window ventilation louvres have been designed in such a way that they are concealed in the facade. They can also be aesthetically finished for indoors. In addition, they can be placed on the window, quickly and accurately, as one air tight entity. A ventilation system is mandatory for new constructions and thorough renovations – so why not opt for the very best window ventilation? 

Would you like to know more? Consult the technical aspects of our different types of window ventilation on the website or contact Renson directly. 



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